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Habla inglés con el Método Callan en Barcelona - Callan Method



Todo sobre el Método Callan

  • ¡Aprender inglés en un cuarto de tiempo!

    ¡Aprenda inglés
    en una cuarta parte
    del tiempo!

  • aprenderingles3

    ¡El mejor método
    para aprender inglés

¡Realice una prueba inicial GRATIS
para saber su nivel de inglés!


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Enlaces de Interés

How To Use Articles In English

This week, we’ll look at the articles ‘a,’ ‘an’ and ‘the’ and in which situations we generally use them. It’s very easy for English learners, especially towards the beginning of their studies, to misuse these articles; for example, instead of the indefinite article (‘a’ or ‘an’), they use the definite article ‘the.’ Consider the following […]

Future Continuous (will + be + «-ing»)

This form is used to talk about: 1) events or actions that will be in progress at a specific time in the future ― • This time tomorrow, I’ll be travelling through France. • This time next week, you’ll be lying on the beach or swimming in the sea! 2) predicted or expected trends ― […]

Ever and never

The adverbs ever and never have specific uses and express unidentified times before now. They are very useful when it comes to talking about life experiences, and we use them very often with the perfect tenses, but not exclusively. The word ‘ever’ is positive and we use it in questions (not never). If we want […]