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Habla inglés con el Método Callan en Barcelona - Callan Method

Callan: A growing School for a growing language

With English being the most widely spoken language in the world it is no wonder that there are so many English language schools around the world. One of those schools is based here in Barcelona; ‘The Callan  Method School’.

Callan School, Barcelona, has been open since 1990 and since its first day it has continued to grow into what is now a thriving school where thousands of students have come to learn English.

It uses what is called ‘The Callan Method’ which is a direct method of language learning. Essentially, by this method the students thinks and speaks directly in the new language. The teachers speak quite quickly, asking each question twice before prompting the answer from the student, thus not giving the student any time to translate the question.

This method has proved to work very well and if you are in any doubt about that then all you need to do is ask one of the many happy clients of the school.

As well as the standard classes that are available at Callan Barcelona we also offer free seminars to all students and conversation clubs where the student can engage in a discussion on all kinds of topics, in a more relaxed environment than a classroom situation, but still benefiting from a teacher’s corrections.

Over the past 24 years Callan Barcelona has gone from strength to strength due both to the fact that the Method works and without doubt the hard and professional work of all the staff at the school, from the receptionists who greet you upon arrival to the teachers who  guide you through your learning process, to the head of the company Ms. Silvia Perelló

One of the factors that has contributed to the growth of our school is the fact that the students can feel at ease when they come here. We want to get the best out of a student and we understand that this is done when the students know that they are in a safe environment where they can make mistakes in the language and be corrected immediately by a trained professional.

The atmosphere in the school is great. The teachers and the students have fun together in the classroom but essentially everything is kept quite professional. You never stop learning in the lesson. The teachers keep the class going from start to end with the high tempo ‘Callan Method’. The students are always engaged and they hang onto every word the teacher says because they know that they could be asked a question next.

For whatever reason you want to learn English, Callan School, Barcelona is a great choice. It is a school that is growing every day just like the English language itself. The reason the school is growing is simply because of its successful reputation.

Whether you want English to go travelling or because you have to work in the language then we can help you reach your goals. In July the School will open its intensive courses and in September we will do the same again before the first term of the new academic year starts in October. If you would like to book a free level test or obtain more information you can do so by following this link:

G. Harman