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How to use prepositions in English

Many students get confused with prepositions and when to use them. The confusion happens because it’s sometimes difficult to know where to put them in a sentence. Here are a few examples that may help. Prepositions are often followed by “ing”.

If a preposition is followed by a verb, the verb ends in “ing”


Are you interested in (prep) coming (verb + ing) with us?

Thanks for (prep) reminding (verb +ing) me.

Jordi is fed up with (prep) studying (verb+ing).

How about (prep) going (verb+ing) to the cinema?


“by” and “to” are prepositions as well ‘(to’ is also part of the infinitive)

We use “by” to say how something happens.


You can improve your English by (prep) studying/reading (verb+ing) more.

Accidents can be caused by people driving too fast.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

I prefer coffee to tea.


D. Lindsay