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Habla inglés con el Método Callan en Barcelona - Callan Method

Reasons to choose ‘The Callan Method’.

It is no secret that the Callan Method is different to the more traditional methods of teaching a language but that is what makes it effective.
Rather than spending your time watching videos, listening to audio, playing games and writing in your notebook what the teacher writes on the board, you spend most of the class practising speaking the new language.

The course is designed so that there are no silent moments in the class. The teacher is constantly asking questions and prompting answers from the students. As soon as a student makes a mistake the teacher jumps in to correct them. The class continues when that mistake has been corrected.

I remember my first days of training to be a Callan Method teacher. I realised immediately that it was a method unlike what I had been used to using in the past but I also immediately identified with it. It was clear to me what the Callan Method achieved.

By constantly speaking with the help of the teacher, a student assimilates the language. It is due to the intensity of each class that it is possible to learn English in a quarter of the time it would take the average student with a more traditional method.

I remember when we trained to be Callan Method teachers. To show us how the student feels whilst taking a class we were given a class in Spanish and then in Catalan. This really opened our eyes to the perspective of the student. It showed me how a student feels in the classroom. Although at first it was quite difficult to follow, I really found it to be a great way of learning and I could only imagine how much I would improve if I had the opportunity to learn a language through this method.

When you are taking a Callan Method class it is quite intense but you feel engaged and excited about what you are doing. The speed at which the teacher speaks keeps you on the edge of your seat. After my few classes through the method I really felt that this was the way I wanted to learn Spanish, but unfortunately I haven’t found anywhere that teaches like the Callan school.

The idea of the method is to practise speaking as much as possible and not to be afraid of making a mistake. If you do make a mistake the teacher will correct you immediately so you don’t make the same mistake again.

The course is carefully designed so that you begin at your level and you build your grammar and vocabulary from there. If you are thinking about learning English I highly recommend using the Callan Method.

G. Harman