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“Winter in Summer Time in Australia”

While most of Europe is dealing with the beginning of a hot summer, Australia is preparing for a relatively cold winter. Winter in Australia is not as harsh as some parts of Europe. It is quite mild in comparison, with most parts of the country experiencing temperatures just below 10 degrees Celcius during most days and with nights approaching around one or two. It can rain a fair bit, but snow is very rare in the cities.

The biggest attraction in winter is football; particularly Australian Rules Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Every weekend, fans brave the sometimes cold and rainy days and nights to cheer on their favourite team to victory. Some games can attract nearly 90,000 people at some of the bigger grounds like the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Victoria.

The rain across the country also brings with it life and rebirth among the fauna and flora. Travelling through the countryside before, during and after winter can give you a wonderful experience of the plant and animal life that springs up after remaining fairly dormant throughout the harsh summer.

If you want to escape the heat of our summer, heading down to Australia right now is not the worst idea in the world.

K. Charles